Intrusion Protocol Will Launch on 7/20/2017

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I know you haven’t heard from us for a while. That’s because we’ve been putting our feet to the fire to get Intrusion Protocol released. When I joined the team back in February, the rest of the team was dedicated to release in the summer of 2017. To be honest, I thought that was ridiculous. We were nowhere close to where we need to be for release. We had no story. We had less than ¼ of the levels we wanted for the final game. Core mechanics were still not developed. We all had day jobs, full-time or otherwise. I did however, appreciate the enthusiasm. So, even though I thought their release goals were unrealistic, I started doing what I needed to do and learning what I needed to learn expecting to delay to fall or later. Little did I know.

I Underestimated My Team

I’m not afraid to admit that. And yet here we are, early July, on the Coming Soon page of Steam. The Somber Dawn team is nothing short of awesome. Somehow in this short time we’ve pulled it together. The mechanics are done. The story is written. Our level designer came into the studio one day and literally stayed for 11 hours straight to finish the levels. We said before that we would be releasing sometime in August. The team has performed so well in the last few weeks that we are in a position to release ahead of schedule. That is an amazing feeling. So, what have we been working on?

Levels, Levels, Levels

That’s what Intrusion Protocol, or any platformer, for that matter, is all about. We have finished the incomplete levels from our demo, and added 5 more that nobody outside of the team has seen yet. If you somehow found the demo too easy, don’t worry. These new levels crank the difficulty up all the way. Some of us haven’t even beaten the game yet. Yeah, seriously. At one point we actually believed the final level was impossible to beat in the given time. Keep your eyes on our social media in the coming weeks to get some glimpses into how difficult we’ve made the final product.


This was something yours truly had put off for far too long. I’m proud to say that the story is complete. After beating each level, the player will see a conversation that sheds light on why the computer program they are playing was created. In the interest of keeping things spoiler-free, I won’t elaborate further here. You’ll have to play to find out your purpose!


One of the core pieces of Intrusion Protocol’s aesthetics is the character’s tail. It encourages the player to keep moving, and lets them know when they’ve hit that super satisfying perfect arc. Fun fact: The tail was originally an accident. We encountered a graphical error during very early development, and the consensus was, “…Can we keep it?” Since then we’ve expanded the feature. Players can now unlock several various tails by finding them in the game, and switch between tails on the fly.

We’re About to Accomplish our Goal

Our goal with Intrusion Protocol is simple: Release a good game. This is our very first endeavor as a studio, and we learned very quickly that actually releasing a game is where a lot of otherwise brilliant devs fall short. They’ll work for years on various projects and never actually put any complete games out into the world. We didn’t want to fall into that pattern, and on 7/20/2017 we’ll be able to say we successfully avoided that. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve blown our goals away with both the early release date and the quality of the game. We are so excited to hear what everyone thinks of Intrusion Protocol. So head over to the Steam store page, and add Intrusion Protocol to your wishlist. See you on the 20th!