Somber Dawn Studios

Somber Dawn Studios is an independent video game studio located in St. Louis and southeast Missouri.


I can't beat my own game live stream

We are incredibly proud of Intrusion Protocol. There's just one problem: One of us hasn't beaten it yet. It's time to change that. He'll be live streaming his first (hopefully) complete playthrough of Intrusion Protocol. Come watch him fail constantly as I attempt to conquer my own creation.

The stream will happen on the Mike N Gary YouTube channel.

PixelPop Festival

Somber Dawn Studios will be demoing Intrusion Protocol at this event.

PixelPop Festival is a two-day event in St. Louis, Missouri, celebrating unique games and the people who make them. The 2017 event marks the 4th annual PixelPop Festival, and we’re excited to deliver the best experience yet.

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