Somber Dawn Studios

Somber Dawn Studios is an independent video game studio located in St. Louis and southeast Missouri.

Episode 9 - Tech Education Without College with Jeff Mazur

When it comes to the tech field, education and job placement can't be a bit of a mess. Enter LaunchCode, a non-profit organization providing free quality tech education and job placement. We had a chat with LaunchCode's Executive Director Jeff Mazur to get his take on the issues with traditional tech education, and what LaunchCode is doing to help the industry.

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Episode 8 - Pokemon GO: A Successful Failure

Pokemon GO is a wildly successful mobile game, but in many ways it failed to capitalize on its massive launch. In this episode, we discuss what Pokemon GO did right, what it did wrong, and how it has changed.

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Episode 7 - Do What Works; Stop Doing What Doesn't

We discuss our efforts in marketing and outreach, and what changes we need to make going forward. Some things have been working great and need more attention. Other things haven't been performing as well, and have drained our time and effort.

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