What is Your Greatest Gaming Accomplishment?

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The Question

What is your greatest gaming accomplishment?

Mine is definitely my high scores in the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. Most notably, I've 5-starred Through The Fire And Flames on expert difficulty in Guitar Hero 3. It took me an insane number of tries, but after mastering each section I was able to surpass a 5-star score by quite a bit.

The Best Answers

thutruthissomewhere from Reddit

I beat the RC helicopter level on GTA: Vice City.

ByEthanFox from Reddit (Author of World of Orochi. Check it out!)

Probably the two achievements on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HDR for Xbox 360, "Master of All Things" and "Playing to Win".

The first requires you gain a ranked win as every character. The second requires you gain 100 ranked wins overall.

This won't be a big deal to some people, but despite the fact that I'd been quite a good fighting game player for years, I had never really got the hang of Street Fighter II - I got into fighters with Virtua Fighter. I mean, I enjoyed SFII in the 90s (everyone did) but couldn't profess to having been good at it.

Yet I was good at some of the later games. I would regularly win games on SFIII or Capcom Vs SNK 2 online, as well as most 3D fighters. Given, those games had quite poor netcode but I was still pretty good.

For HDR, I decided I was going to really try to become skilled at the game, and tried to become proficient with every character. I studied all of the strategies and matchups, eventually settling on Claw/Vega as my main. I reached the point where I would go online and in 20 games, I would honestly expect to win perhaps 18-19. I used to absolutely wreck people.

Those achievements were like a symbol of what I'd achieved. As a kid, I struggled to even do a dragon punch on the SNES pad, but on HDR, I was - well, expert would be taking it too far (I mean it's not like I could've rocked up to Evo or something!) but I was good at something that I thought I'd never be good at. A lot was going south in my life at the time, but this was something I could grasp onto.

I remember, towards the end of my HDR career, running into some people who used to play together a lot who I hadn't seen in a while, and one of them said "man, your Vega was a pleasure to watch. I don't know how you can just dance around the hits like that. I don't even care if you beat me, it's just a pleasure to see you do your thing". That felt awesome.

FromDistantLands from Reddit

Completing Dishonored with zero kills and no detection.

Tyrantdragon05 from Discord

Getting my wife interested in Monster Hunter. We started in 3u where basically I did all the armor combos because that system is awful. But when 4U came out, both of us had equal footing to discover the better combinations. I remember, however, farming Kirin because she just HAD to finish that dumb sword (I despise that pony from the bottom of my soul).

DankestDaddy69 from Reddit

Completing Portal one in 24 minutes. Nothing close to anything great, but it was a few years ago and wanted to try going as fast as possible. Never got into speed running it just never had the time but this was a little achievement myself.

famicommie from Instagram

Beating Contra with no Konami Code is the one I bring up at parties.

shartnado3 from Reddit

When the first God of War came out, the dicks at gamestop said "This game is impossible to beat on god mode" and laughed at me and my buddies when we said we would do it. So, we spent countless hours, and days playing this damn thing until we beat it on god mode, and all the challenges as well. It was sweet victory when we walked in, tossed them the memory card and said "Done".

Andrew from Facebook

For me it’s probably unlocking all 290 trophies in Super Smash Bros. Melee. One of those is the Diskun trophy, which requires you earn every end-of-game bonus and penalty, so you have to do things like “throw a hammer” and clear any 1-Player Mode without taking any damage. Doable, both, if you’re dedicated, but dedicated you must be.

PM_ME_SEXY_GRILLS69 from Reddit

One time I beat the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3 times in 5 days. God, I love that game. Nowadays it’s probably my 214 Fortnite wins. I hate that game.

tehvolcanic from Reddit

In Civilization V I got the achievement for nuking someone as the Maya in 2012 on December 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm. I was just one minute late from perfection.

Scoob1978 from Reddit

I beat Emerald Weapon without the underwater materia. I didn't know it existed.

xjrsc from Reddit

100% Skyrim and Bloodborne. My 100% playthrough of Skyrim took 120 hours. And Bloodborne around 70 hours.

Tavaer from Reddit

Admitting I had a problem and breaking my video game addiction.

And getting S rank on every mission in Devil May Cry 3.

takenotesboiii from Reddit

Climbing out of bronze in League, almost to gold!!!

JackalAbacus from Reddit

I beat Super Metroid with only the Power Suit. It is extremely tedious but it requires a lot of patience and well-timed grapples and frozen enemies.

Norfair is a constant race against your energy draining.

Fordabr from Reddit

100% Dark souls 2 all the way to NG +7

GeneralLemarc from Reddit

Leveled up my Blaziken to 100 100% legitimately. I peaked at age 10.

CarterLawler from Reddit

 I took a polaroid picture of my black and white TV showing that I'd beaten (I don't know if it was a high score or an actual 'win') Pitfall on the Atari 2600. I sent it in to the game maker and they sent me a certificate.

Discordanian from Discord

100% on Dragon Age Origins.  I've played every origin story and every choice possible with all DLC.  By the 10th play through I was quite proficient.

mlenny95 from Reddit

I beat Mega Man 2 on the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile App, and TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator.

I'm also convinced that I'd be the unanimous GOAT Shrek 2 player if the game had a competitive scene like Counterstrike or League of Legends. I'll keep crossing my fingers that people will eventually come around and start filling up stadiums to watch pro Shrek 2 players.

StylishSuidae from Reddit

If you can call it an accomplishment, I was once featured in Rooster Teeth Fails of the Weak, back when it was Halo Reach Fails of the Weak (or at least someone was who did the exact same thing I did). I've been unable to find it since though. Maybe someone could help. It was on that map with a big structure on one side, then the rest went downhill towards a cliff. It was a game of infection, and I was a zombie. The only surviving human was on this rock near the cliff. I evaded towards him, missed completely, then fell off the cliff and died.

InfiniteYodel from Reddit

Probably when I 100% completed Super Mario 64 at like seven years old.

lord_fartulax from Reddit

CoD4 Mile High Club on Veteran

This is the only time in my almost 30 years of gaming where I broke a controller out of sheer rage. Took me several hundred attempts, but I finally got it. I can still remember every square inch of that level and every single enemy spawn.

timesnewlauren from Reddit

13 on flappy bird.

Astramancer_ from Reddit

Guild Wars 1 (MMO), defeating Mallyx the Unyielding with my wife.

He's the final boss of the post-game dungeon the Domain of Anguish. The dungeon itself consists of 4 parts that can be done in any order across however much time or attempts you care to take - each section has to be done in one go, but failing one section does not reset the entire dungeon - the sections you've cleared are still clear.

The City of Torc'qua can be difficult to approach, but once you find your angle of attack, it's pretty straight forward. The Stygian Veil is okay. It's got some hard monsters, but overall there's enough room that it's not that big a deal.

Next up there's Ravenheart Gloom. There's one bit where you have to defend against waves of monsters, and it's hard. The monsters are tough and you don't have any time to recover between them, so you really have to have effective builds with staying power and manage your resources well.

And then there's the Foundry of Failed Creations. In my opinion, the hardest of the sections. The monsters are even harder, and come in awkwardly shaped rooms in frustrating numbers.

Once you finally beat all four sections, Mallyx himself isn't actually all that hard. He's pretty much the only thing in his section, and you get as many tries as you need without having to redo any of the other sections.

I think it only took us 2 or 3 tries to actually beat him. But it took dozens and dozens of tries to beat the other sections over the course of over a year.

soyrobo from Reddit

Iron Bladder Achievement in Rock Band 2 (no failing out or pausing during the Endless Setlist) on expert vocals and guitar (friend playing expert drums).

CosmykTheDolfyn from Reddit

Took me two years of attempts, but completing Rally Mode on Puyo Puyo 2 Remix without a single continue. For anyone trying to figure out the difficulty of this game/that accomplishment, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is a re-skin of Puyo Puyo 1. Puyo Puyo 2 Remix has much difficult computers to deal with and a much faster drop speed. Also, Mean Bean Machine, even on the hardest setting, only features 13 levels. Rally Mode in Puyo Puyo 2 Remix features 33 levels straight. So, in short, if anyone out there remembers it being difficult to beat Mean Bean Machine, that is a walk in the park as compared to what I spent two years trying to accomplish. At the time of my accomplishing this, I was the only known of western player to have video proof of this.

edaz91 from Reddit

I drove like a normal person in GTA San Andreas for about 30 minutes.

DrugsbunnyFTW from Reddit

Finishing Dark souls 1, 2 and 3 without dying once. Took me lots of time and tears.

JGiraffe from Discord

My best gaming accomplishment(s) is(are) quitting all the MMOs, CCGs, and mobile RPGs I've gotten addicted to throughout the years. Now I strictly play games to experience features/designs I either want to incorporate into my game or not.

Zayl_ from Reddit

Beaten Pokemon Soul Silver with just a Rattata (not counting HMpokes). Almost done with Leaf Green as the same and considering trying it on one of the Sun/Moon versions with the Alolan Rattata. Of course it is always named TOPPERCENT.

Jay from Facebook

I recently played the remastered Final Fantasy X with my friend David. We had played it when it came out fifteen years prior, but this time we managed to do the impossible and unlock all the celestial weapons. 200 lightning dodges, a 0.0 time on that horrid chocobo race, and six hours of blitzball and we managed what we couldn't as kids.

lukkyb123 from Reddit

Beating the devs of cod 4 in the training mission beat there time by like 0.5 seconds took like 50 attempts

Plant-E from Reddit

Hundred percented Skyrim. And I mean 100%. Evey possible item. Every side quest finished. Every possible place discovered. Every unique item obtained. Every perk acquired. Everything. Opening some of the chests in my hearth fire homes will crash the game on weak computers. I still hear about people discovering 'new' places that I came across 5 years ago. 7000 hours well spent.

sonnet666 from Reddit

This wasn’t me but my friend:

Getting the “Big Brass Balls” achievement in Bioshock 2 for never respawning with the Vita-Chambers turned ON.

He wasn’t even trying to get either. The achievement popped during the end credits and he realized he’d just played through the entire game without dying, unintentionally. He’s just gotten that good at Bioshock.

thatoldhorse from Reddit

In Battlefield 4 I shot a piece of C4 strapped to a motorbike from half about 600m out and killed 6 guys with the explosion. I’ve never topped that. Video!

Hitman_47501 from Reddit

Reading this thread made me realize i have a gaming problem. I could write a rant about gaming achievements (top tier on 5 different multiplayer games, don’t get me started on single player ones) but I realized I’m not proud of them. I played games for most of my youth ( north of 20k h) and all I want to say is thank you for opening my eyes, this thread put things in perspective.

grachi from Reddit

My Team Fortress 2 team won the UGC Highlander Platinum league the second season we were in it. Valve even made virtual medals and distributed them to each member on the roster in our inventory, saying what season we won and the date. Its a medal that goes on whatever character you want, on the left side of the chest. That was in like 2011 or 2012 and I still get people that come up to me in game (when i rarely play the game now that is) that look at it for awhile or inspect me and say that it is cool. Probably the only thing I had in a game that I earned that thousands and thousands of other people didn't also earn -- an actual achievement of sorts.

pachachichi from Reddit

Beat Zelda wind Waker on casual, three heart run, three heart hero mode, and 100% in a few weeks because I had nothing better to do. Beat majoras mask 100%, and three heart run. And I've 100%'d breath of the wild, not sure if I'll go back for a 3 heart run but maybe eventually.

ExilePrime from Reddit

Growing a small faction to creating a government in a sandbox MMORPG called Face of Mankind and producing planet-wide and player-made events to enrich the social value of the game.

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