Which Game Made You a Gamer?

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Welcome to the new and improved Big Shiny Coin podcast. This is the very first episode of the new format. All of the episodes before this are industry interviews, gaming current events, studio experiences, and stuff like that. I’m proud of all of those episodes, but I really wanted to talk TO people instead of AT people. So from now on, I’ll be asking a gaming question every week, and I’ll share the internet’s best answers here on the podcast.

So, how can you get your answers on the podcast? There are a lot of ways. We’ll be posting the week’s question on all of our social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also email in your answers to contact@somberdawnstudios.com. But, the best way to get your answer on this podcast is to join the Big Shiny Coin Discord server and share your answer in the podcast channel. That’s the place I check first and the most often.

Now, without further ado, let’s get onto this week’s question, and all of your fantastic answers.

The Question

Which game made you a gamer?

For me it was Pokemon Red. I had played other games before it, but something about the combination of collecting, battling, training, and working my way through Kanto made me want to be a gamer for life. It came out in the U.S. when I was 8, and I couldn't put my Game Boy down.

The Best Answers

Grant from Facebook

Pokemon Blue was the first game I ever purchased. I scrapped together every dollar I earned as a kid for months to get a Gameboy and the game. I put more hours into it than most games I even play today. It was something I could play at anytime by myself and incredibly competitive among all the other 8-year-olds in my class at the time.

Madamz from Reddit

My "cool uncle" let me and my cousin play DOOM on his computer when we were like 6 and I've never looked back.

MadDogMike from Twitter

For me it was Metal Gear Solid. Sitting with my dad and solving all the puzzles and getting so excited during the Sniper Wolf fight. It was our first gaming bonding experience

MrPotatoFudge from Reddit

Battletoads. My uncle gave me and my brother his old SNES. I lived in a pretty cheap family. That was my first gaming console. Me and my brother would play it all the time. We never actually beat the game we got to the motorcycle part but we always would fight and kick each other off platforms and stuff. So fun messing with the boss monster made of balls and the climbable walls. It was the first game that felt like a game to me. Absolutely loved it.

In response to Battle Toads getting the meme treatment:

Honestly when the Battle Toads meme came around I didn't understand it at all. I was unable to make the connection that Fun game I played = Game people memed on. It's like owning a dog people say are violent. That's not my Battletoads. That's not my German Shepherd

Sarah from Facebook

I loved the sci-fi feel of Metroid and my family and I would take turns against each other. It got me into games with a PvP mode as well. As for Super Mario Sunshine, I loved finding the well hidden tokens around the first city. Everything from the music, to the color scheme, and hidden areas excited me. Definitely shows in my love for games where not all the content is part of the main story or listed in an achievement roster.

Badtoad from Discord

Space Invaders was the first computer game I played. That was around 1979 or so. It was unlike anything else out there. Seems simple now but there were tactics to the game. Like counting the number of shots so you always got 300 points for the mother ship etc.

Quake and Quake 3 were the best online games I've ever played. I played in the European Division 3 Quake 3 league and got into the Wireplay Free For All final one year. That was awesome.

And Elite was the first sandbox game. That was circa 1984 and I used to get paid to play it on the BBC micro in the computer store I worked at. I taught people to play and they bought £1000 computer systems to play it on

Chase from Instagram:

Definitely Contra for me. Back in elementary school, my aunt was my babysitter. My cousin had an NES, and Contra was the game we could not stop playing. Mainly because it felt impossible to beat. Even with the Konami code and those sweet 30 restarts, we would grind and grind until we got killed by the snowplow. Still to this day one of my favorite memories was 9 year old Chase with his cousin finally beating the snowplow level, eventually beating the game. That insane challenge, racing each other to steal the Spread gun, that feeling could never be beat. Still a game I love to run through to this day, and definitely the game that got me hooked on gaming.

Stormdancer from Reddit

I think it was probably Hunt The Wumpus. Not only got me into gaming, but into programming, because I did a ton of modifications to produce different cave shapes, even randomized ones.

DreadedHippy from Discord

The game that made me a gamer was bounce on Nokia. I mean the old calculator-ish Nokia. It had some cheats, so I usually play and type in random numbers and desperately try to find the cheat. Such a unique first system to get hooked on I just had to share it.

LongNL from Reddit

Super Mario World. When I was really young I saw a Gameboy Advance SP (maybe just regular) set up at my local Chase Bank and played it while my mom was doing a transaction.

Boone from Twitter

Myst. It was a game like I never experienced before that introduced me to a new appreciation. I grew up on the NES and Sega. It was primarily platformers & sports games. This game was more different than anything I ever touched & required you to discover the mystery of the adventure game on your own. The story Cyan Worlds put together still sticks with me to this day.

Vampatori from Reddit

Knight Lore! I spent so, so much time on that game - I even mapped it out on a huge piece of paper from a drawing office with my Dad's help. I was obsessed with not just getting to the end, but to uncover the whole map (which turned out to be castle-shaped I think!).

It was the first game I'd seen that was "3D" (isometric - 2.5D, with some trickery/edge cases I learnt about years later). It had some really wonderful puzzles, both logic and skill-based. And it was all set to this metronome of turning from a man into a wolf and back again.

That set me on a path of being a gamer and being utterly sucked-in by certain games, spending countless hours on some: Knight Lore, Elite, Jet Set Willy, Sim City, Powermonger, Rail Road Tycoon, Civilization, Hired Guns, Armageddon, K240, and so on.

So many amazing games back then, introducing concepts and idea - even whole genres - that you'd never even conceived of. And done with such skill too, to have so few bugs, and to do so much with so little. Really impressive.

Kaleb from Facebook

Warcraft 3 was the first game I played with any tactical depth and my first foray into Blizzard’s story telling. Unreal tournament was just the first game I remember looking up strategy for; gun profiles and map tips. Pokémon was my first real RPG And Tony Hawk was ALL the soundtrack … There’s a million games that matter, but those four helped define the pillars of what I’d look for in a good game as I got older; Strategy, Depth, Story, and Music.

ShadoShane from Reddit

Probably the first game I ever played on the Gameboy Color, a knock off Super Mario Land but with Pokemon (and you played as Pikachu). It was literally just Super Mario Land but the player sprite was a Pikachu. I never questioned it nor did I know what Super Mario Land was at the time. Pikachu was just in a desert. Nothing weird about that to my kid brain.

Dark_Druid216 from Discord

Glover. Surreal game that made escorting actually fun. In that game you have to move a ball from one point to another. And you can change it into any spherical object. Like a bowling ball, an iron ball, a gem, or just a normal ball. And the game dealt with that in creative ways for sure.

Jay from Facebook

When I was real young my parents got my sister and I a Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog. I could barely make it past Casino Zone, but my sister could run the whole game though and I would watch her every time. I would beg her to beat it so I could watch and listen to the music. Hell, I started taking piano lessons because my mom told me that if I got good then I could play the Angel Island Zone theme from Sonic and Knuckles.

Not_Ben_Stein from Reddit

Watching my older brother play FF7 on the original PS1

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