What Game was Way Better than You Expected? What Made it so Good?

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The Question

What game was way better than you expected? What made it so good?

My pick for a game that was way better than I expected is Celeste. I'm not great at platformers, but everything about Celeste kept me going until the end. The art and music are a perfect match. The level design is masterful. Each world shakes things up enough to keep it fresh, but not too much to where it becomes confusing. I don't actually finish many games nowadays, but I definitely finished Celeste.

The Best Answers

Tim Ruswick (Creator of Philophobia!) - Discord

Was really surprised about Observer. First single player game ive played that much and enjoyed in a long time. Atmosphere above anything else...Its SUPER atmospheric and very good at getting you lost in the world. The storytelling and mystery aspect of it is great too.


CallMeGrivin - Reddit

Divinity Original Sin 2. I never was into turned-based combat, but this game got me addicted. Triple A quality, engaging story, actually have to look for clues, most problems have many different solutions, and the list goes on.

It need 500k funding and received 2 million, added in the features from their stretch goals, released on time, and multiplayer works so well.

One my top 5 games.


ekbowler – Reddit

Doom 2016, hear me out.

I do not like FPS games, pretty much every FPS game I've played feels like shooting gallery in between set pieces. I've been pretty disappointed with pretty much every military shooter ever and thought that the genre just wasn't for me.

Then holy shit this blew me away, I would never have touched it if the demo wasn't so fucking good. No cover, no indistinguishable guns, no burly military dudes, no reloading, just running and gunning fun.

I always play on the harder difficulties to give me that rush and it's one of the few games that I routinely come back to. And the WRITING, it's so good but it didn't have to be!

Since then I've dived into the Wolfenstien games and now those are the only two FPS series that I play. I hope more stuff comes out in that vein. But until then I am eagerly awaiting Doom Eternal whereas when Doom 2016 was in development I just kinda shrugged at it.


Stetson – Facebook

Resident Evil 2 Remake. The amount of detail in every room, the visceral combat, and the heavy dose of nostalgia all roll up into an amazing experience with immense replay value. Tack on the extra content after the campaigns, and you have the makings of a GOTY, or a GOAT.

bootyhunter69420 – Reddit

Persona 5. I thought it would be boring because of how long it was and the turn-based combat. I was completely wrong. Everything from the characters to the music was great. I put 122 hours in this game and I still want to continue.

KnittinAndBitchin – Reddit

Dead Space 3

I 100% hated the first Dead Space. I think I played it for maybe an hour before I got so mad at the stupid controls that I put it down and never picked it up again. Never played 2. Then my friend whined me into playing 3 with him because it was co-op and we could shoot space zombies together and c'moooon it'll be fuuuun and I joined him fully prepared to complain the entire time

Nope. Totally wrong. Dead Space 3 was amazing. It's one of the best co-op games I've ever played, without a doubt. It took us several hours to realize that we were both seeing entirely different things in the ship, and it was a stunning revelation. There were parts that involved both puzzle and combat which was perfect for me because I loved doing the puzzles and my friend loved shooting space zombies in the head. The story was good. The crafting was good. It was just a super fun game and I loved it.

And then EA bought the studio and smashed it to pieces and now there won't ever be another one.


norazi-j – Reddit

Sea of Thieves. I ignored it for a year after bad reviews. But they really captured the feeling of being a pirate with your bros. And they've added quite a bit of content for free since. And it just looks amazing.


CreatorRedA – Twitter

Prey. It does a great job of making you feel like you are making impactful choices and providing the player with diverse ways of executing those choices. Also, just started getting into your alls podcast, looking forward to catching up to the newer episodes.


IOnlyPlayAsWildCard – Reddit

I thought Twilight Princess would be the most boring game I ever played. Mostly because I was 9 and the cover looked boring to me. But its literally the best game and was the reason I got into the zelda series


Jaeyx – Reddit

AC Odyseey. I tried playing the series a while back, but 1 and 2 were the most boring repetitive and uninteresting games I'd played in a long time. Decided to play Odyseey on a whim because my new roommate had it. had a great time. brought me back to the joys if the Witcher, although not quite at that level. story is nothing special, but the gameplay is fun, and its beautiful. just make sure you play as the female character. my roommate said the guys lines can be cringy sometimes, but female has phenomenal voice acting. And it’s also beautiful. Like, not to be one of "those guys", but I genuinely would stop for a second on the regular to admire how well done she is, visually.

Joseph – Facebook

Hades, but that’s not fair to say because it’s Early Access. I’ve yet to play a roguelike that requires such precision. Every movement and attack feels like orchestrated chaos.


Hardwood627 – Reddit

Crackdown 3. I never played any of the other ones, and just picked this one up from gamepass and I'm having so much fun. Your basically a superhero, blowing shit up, killing bad guys in ridiculous ways. The combat is super easy , collecting things does not feel tedious, and it doesn't take it self seriously at all. Its just a bunch of dumb fun and I love it. It's a huge change of pace from the more serious competitive games I usually play. I would recommend anyone who has gamepass to play it.


___DEADPOOL______ - Reddit


Thought it was just a shitty battle royale that was just trying to cash in on the format. Turned out to be alot of fun and really pushed the genre forward.

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