What Game Could You Just Not Finish?

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The Question

What game could you just not finish?

For me it was Fallout 4. I had never played a Fallout game before, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Once it came out, I planned a bunch of different character builds. But then after a few hours I set it down and just couldn't pick it back up. I think we've all had a game like that.

The Best Answers

_madcat from Reddit

Kingdom Hearts. Bored me to death even though I love the concept.

MatrixRetoastet from Reddit

The Last Of Us (unfortunately) because I couldn't get past the first clicker I met no matter what. I just got frustrated and never picked it back up again.

Ritzblues from Discord

Final Fantasy XII. It was my first sandbox experience. I wanted to do all of the side quests. However the vast majority were just hunts, and lacked proper character development hooks that previous Final Fantasy games had.

Now many of us suffer from having massive backlogs, and once the novelty and fresh hype for a game is gone, the desire to start or finish games has diminished.

Vealophile from Reddit

I've played video games for 30 years. I have taken exactly one game back in all that time because I found its premise and mechanics (and by extension I guess the series it spawned from) just completely counterintuitive to motivating me to play it, Bloodbourne. The point of it is to be purposefully frustrating so that when you become skilled enough from multiple repeated attempts to get by something and the fact that you cleared it is supposed to be the reward in itself before it presents you with a brand new challenge. The last thing I would ever look forward to when I want to play a video game is being frustrated.

Kaleb from Facebook

GTA 4 and 5. I dove into both, and just couldn’t find a way to immerse myself.

Krazy_Kethan99 from Reddit

Batman Arkham Knight, those dang Riddler Trophies suck. I’m trying to get 100% in the game, I’m only at 96%.

TyrantDragon05 from Discord

By sheer game mechanics, Valkyria Chronicles 2. The later levels ended up making me go back and cheese earlier missions for specific crafting components and killed any drive to finish it. But then again, I have completed zero games I bought for the PSP. I think it's a curse.

kazmataz82 from Reddit

Borderlands the Presequel. So bad. Different studio made it. Played liked a totally different game that they just skinned to look like Borderlands.

thesirblondie from Reddit

Bioshock. Never make it more than 20 minutes into the game because I get spooked by the first splicer.

IllyrianKiller from Reddit

Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind. I first played it over a decade ago. To this day it's my favorite game, and to this day I have never finished one of the expansions. And it's not because I don't want to. It's just because I've never had the time to. Morrowind is one of those amazing games where you can so easily get caught up in the side quests that you lose track of the main quest and you just never get it done. It took me going back after 10 years just to finish the main quest of the game. Someday I'll make the time and finish it. I don't know when that will be.

Trey from Facebook

The Witcher III. Massive game and I played for over 48 hours and only hit level 20. I was playing it late last year and early this year. Just stopped playing and lost interest with other releases and competitive seasons rolling over for other games.

Good-Boi from Reddit

For me it was Dragon Inquisition.

I played Dragon Age Origins + expansion and loved it. Played Dragon Age 2 and liked the combat but hated the way combat encounters worked (enemies spawning/jumping out of know where) and the lazy reuse of levels/areas. Story was ok. Still finished the game.

Then came Inquisition. They ruined the combat system. Felt like playing an MMO instead of a tactical RPG. I got just over 10 hours in and every hour felt like 10 of them. I was very sad since I loved the first game, especially its awesome combat system and story, but Inquisition's combat system was so bad. I had less tactical control and it felt more tedious to play. The story was also very boring and bland.

Inquisition is certainly not the worst game I've played. It's just that it was a massive disappointment for me.

TakeYourTimeGaming from Reddit

I have a lot, but the most recent one is The Lost Child for PS4. SMT is my favorite video game series, so I was excited for "SMT-lite" when it was announced for localization. I got about a third of the way through before I put it away, and the biggest reason for that was the translation. It wasn't well done. Dialogue was jarring and consistently "off." It was very similar in quality to the Digimon Story games, if you've played those. I just couldn't take it anymore. The monster collecting and dungeon-crawling wasn't fun enough to keep me going when the story was being ruined for me by crappy translating.

Discordanian from Discord

I started Red Dead Redemption 3 times. I enjoyed it a lot but then something would happen where I had to set it down and then a few weeks later I can't remember what I'm doing so I'd restart. Lather, rinse, repeat. End result is I never finished the game. I really should circle back to it.

MichandRalphsCrier from Reddit

There's been a few I didn't finish but I think the big one is Pokemon Ultra Moon. I'm a huge Pokemon fan and I've been playing the games since red and blue and played pretty much every generation. Since X&Y came out I've been getting them on launch day and spending 100+ hours on each of them. I actually really enjoyed Sun and Moon and was looking forward to the so-called alternate universe presented in the sequels. I honestly don't think I've ever felt more ripped off. Ultra moon was the exact same game. I played it for maybe 6 or 7 hours before realizing this and it just sat in my apartment for 3 months. I finally realized I was never going to play it because I had already played the game and traded it in. Probably the only time I've been genuinely disappointed by a Pokemon game.

StrixLiterata from Reddit

There are several games I haven't finished, but the one don't thnk I will ever pick up again is Into the Stars: a roguelite spaceship management game. And the reason why is that from the second it starts it oes nothing but give you negative feedback: I just don't want to play a game that makes me contantly feel like I'm fucking up something, somewhere, somehow.

Jay from Facebook

Resident Evil 7. After playing a few of Chris's boring missions a friend told me Leon has better more classic style missions. I booted him and up as I was leaving the college campus the game starts in I had to go through a small room with a metal detector. I spent a few minutes trying to figure a way around it. There wasn't one so I went through and bam, the alarm goes off. Leon then says something along the lines of "Man, I really should have thought that through." I ejected the disk and never game the game a second thought.

mmikes2012 from Reddit

The much shorter list would be "games I actually finished." The last I can remember being RE7 (base game only).

In every case some new game comes out that distracts me taking me away from the previous game, an endless cycle over and over.

BerserkWolfUK from Redddit

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

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