What Game is More Fun to Watch than Play?

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The Question

What game is more fun to watch than play?

For me it's high-skill or high-RNG games. I used to play Starcraft 2. The more I tried to get better and climb the ladder, the more stressful it felt to play. Ladder anxiety hit me super hard. I realized that I much preferred playing casual 3v3 or 4v4, and watching 1v1 instead of playing it myself. I also find that with high-RNG games I'd rather watch highlights of crazy plays than grinding it out myself.

The Best Answers

Sckeyth from Reddit

I loved Hearthstone at the beginning (I started playing during closed beta) but as time went on, the game went in a different direction than what I had hoped and I quit playing some time after The Grand Tournament. I still like watching it occasionally though.

Discordanian from Discord

While I super love playing it as well, I have to admit that watching a really skilled player on SSX Tricky/3/4 is just amazing.

MadDogMike from Twitter

For me it was Metal Gear Solid. Sitting with my dad and solving all the puzzles and getting so excited during the Sniper Wolf fight. It was our first gaming bonding experience

Emorio from Reddit

League of Legends. When playing that game, you almost have to commit to just playing that game. Was still fun to tune into LCS or streamers like Phantomlord and Cowsep though.

Linkums from Reddit

The Dark Souls series. They have really cool worlds, but I don't really enjoy playing them due to the way the controls feel and how much of the game is spent doing the same thing over when you die.

Stetson from Facebook

Binding of Isaac - All Character speedruns.

PendantOfBagels from Reddit

Back a few years ago when it was still huge, I'd have said DayZ. Mostly since I couldn't run it then.

Now I think I'd say the fallout series. I've played fallout 3, New Vegas, and fallout 4 already multiple times and I just get tired of it when I start it up myself. But seeing others play and how their mind works and interacts with the world is a bit more refreshing.

Ben from Facebook

I'd have to say most any modern hack and slash game. I'm directly thinking of the Lumen Sage fight in Bayonetta 2. Sensory overload is fun to fight through.

corvettee01 from Reddit

Super Smash Melee. High level play is essentially a controlled glitch fest, but damn is it awesome to watch.

BigGayGorilla from Reddit

For me it's most horror games, Mainly SCP Containment Breach the fact that almost every single playthrough is different every time makes it very entertaining

I found this out when I realized I'm a big wuss and can't actually play them myself

MrPotatoFudge from Reddit

Those cutscene heavy basically a movie games. They don't actually feel rewarding to play. I enjoy watching someone else do it because the actual combat always seemed repetitive.

AEnoch29 from Reddit

Whatever game my wife is playing.

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