What is Your Favorite Game Glitch of All Time?

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The Question

What is your favorite game glitch of all time?

My favorite glitches are all of the things you could do in the Halo series, namely Halo 3. From sword cancelling to launching tanks across the map, all of the bonkers things you could do were so fun. Even in free for all matches where you can kill anyone people still worked together to make these glitches happen.

The Best Answers

ZanderBlazer from Discord

Fable 3. You could plug in a second controller and give that second player so much gold then you could disconnect them and regain the gold back and could keep respamming them back in and out if  your game till you felt like you had enough gold cause they would retain the amount of gold you gave to the second controller account

Amontpetit from Reddit

Ghandi being a nuclear weapons maniac in Civilizations.

In the original game the leaders were each ascribed a rating (from 1 to 10, IIRC) for each calculation the AI made for their actions. Factors like "prioritizes science" or "ignores naval units" and so on. One of the factors was "Aggressiveness", which went to dictate how often they built military units and how much they liked to go to war. Ghandi was given a base score of 1 to make him as passive as possible. Problem is, when adopting the "Democracy" government type, the aggressiveness stat was dropped by 2 points, putting Ghandi at -1. Unfortunately they didnt use signed integers, so that -1 actually looped to 255, which made him hyper aggressive, super likely to build nuclear weapons, and all but guaranteed to use them repeatedly and with impunity.

Of course, it was eventually found out and has since become a running joke.


In Sonic 2's Wing Fortress zone there's a cutscene that plays after beating the boss that involves Sonic grabbing on to Robotnik's (Eggman's) space ship, and heading into space to dock at the next zone. While he's clinging on to the side you can see the sky in the background rushing past and eventually levelling out into space. This is one of the very few cutscenes in the game, and as such held a bit of fascination with my younger self.

You have no control over sonic after he drops down onto the platform that triggers this cutscene, but there is a short section after the boss but before jumping down where you have full control (there's even an extra life hidden in this bit IIRC). Now as a young boy who loves Sonic, what would you think to do in this area that was amusing and new?

That's right. Make sure Sonic dies in space, by means of waiting patiently for about 6 minutes. I mean, he shouldn't really be able to survive up there anyway, and it's not like I had anything else to do.

If you work out what time to correctly jump down, you can time it so that Sonic gets into space but dies due to hitting the 10 minute Time Over limit before the cutscene ends and the next zone begins. Pretty cool, if you like killing rodents and don't being bored for a few minutes.

The unintended side effect of this is even better than spacing a hedgehog though. As you've died during the cutscene BEFORE you got to the next zone the game sends you back to your last checkpoint (or the beginning of the level), but the cutscene has already been triggered so the sky goes mental, as if the whole level is hurtling into space at a million miles per hour. You can actually slow or speed this up by holding up or down to make Sonic look in that direction. At this point you have control of the sky, and can make it look like Wing Fortress is flying through space.

Absolutely useless, but I loved doing it. And if you're a Sonic fan and didn't know about this I can guarantee you want to try it.



"We can't go that way"

"Why not?"

"Uh, because of that giant mountain in front of us"

"No it's cool, I am just going to repeatedly jump while bashing myself into the mountain, I'll find one of the many invisible pathways and be up at the top of this vertical cliff in no time"

"Aren't you taking off your heavy armour and 80 pounds of weapons? I mean, I can see the two handed sword hanging off your back"

"Nah, it helps me jump better".








Another commenter explained

The Heavy Rain "Shaun" glitch, obviously.



GTA IV swingset glitch, hands down

Taking a car and ramming it up under a swing set. It launches you like a cannonball from the God's.



In vanilla unpatched Oblivion, I accidentally turned the Mages guild headquarters into a perpetual war-zone between infinitely spawning mages and guards.

First I attacked my own scamp summon to fill a soul gem, causing it to turn aggressive against me. It shot a fireball at me, which I dodged, but it hit a random NPC behind me. That caused the NPC to attack my Scamp but not me.

When that NPC attacked my summoned Scamp in self defense, nearby guards viewed that as an unprovoked attack. Guards attacked the NPC, which every single other NPC saw as unprovoked and attacked the guards. That caused more guards to attack the NPCs etc. The whole thing spiraled out of control.

Since both groups spawn infinitely, it never ended. Every time I visited the mages guild headquarters from that point on, the place was littered with corpses and there were always a handful of guards fighting some mages.

This bug was easily the most memorable thing about Oblivion for me.



Ocarina of Time has some fantastic glitches. My favorite is probably the super slide. You drop a bomb, backflip, then roll into the bomb right as it explodes while mashing A and if you've done it just right you'll slide backwards at an insane speed.


In Spider-Man (2000) during the opening narration by Stan Lee, if you mashed the pause button, the narration would get out of sync with the cutscene. It was supposed to be done by the time the player gained control of Spidey, but if you did the glitch then you'd be swinging around and beating guys up while Stan is still telling you what to expect in the game.


Coinstamp180 Discord

I personally find "gibs" glitches to be hilarious. Fallout 3 or New Vegas are the most memorable but there are other games with gibs glitches.

Just a bunch of entrails and organs forming a fully talking face...


I'm not sure if this qualifies, but in the Original "Deus Ex" the cutscenes were handled inside the game -- that is, they were not recorded sequences, but scripted. At one point, you investigate a secret undersea facility, and when you're just about through, a sub-boss calls you out. In my play-through, I was almost out of ammo, and rather worried about potentially fighting this guy. So, as soon he appears, I lob a grenade/proximity mine at his feet. Rather to my surprise a cutscene ensues, where he starts to explain various plot points...until he is interrupted by the explosion of my grenade! I have seldom been as delighted with a game.



Cloning in Pokemon Gold/Silver.

You switched off your Gameboy while saving the game after doing a certain action and when you opened it again, you had a full lineup of the same original Pokemon.

It was pretty useless by itself, but if you gave an item to your Pokemon to hold, it would get cloned as well, and that was more than worth the hassle.

Rare candies for days!



Did you ever hear the tale of MissingNo?
I thought not. It's a story a Gym Leader would tell you. It's a hack legend. MissingNo was a glitch so powerful that it could hack the data of a game to give you near infinite items. It could give you so many master balls and rare candies. The hacking community can give you incredibly powerful Pokemon. The downside was that it did corrupt your hall of fame and your records. It's ironic it give you the power to easily defeat the Elite Four but not view who defeated them.



Long ago when I played Star Wars Galaxies there were titles you could earn in the game. Well at some point people figured out you could give yourself whatever title you wanted by entering the proper string of commands. This included titles that you couldn't actually earn in the first place. So I had my title set to just Bounty Hunter or Chef for a looong time. They eventually patched the bug, but as long as you never changed your title you got to keep it.



There's an old Genesis game called Sword of Vermillion (it's on pretty much every Genesis compilation set now, glitch still works). Had it as a kid. There are "cursed" swords and armor in that game - they're stronger than the normal gear at that time period, but the tradeoff is that you can't cast magic while they're equipped, and the curse prevents you from removing it - you need to visit a church and pay to have the curse removed.

Well, there's a bug in the code that when they're decursed, they're automatically unequipped, but *PERMANENTLY* remove the attack/defense value off of your base stat, as opposed to just unequipping it.

I discovered this as a kid and in my "wow that sucks, gotta reset it and lose my progress because that's a big stat loss", I decided "lol it'd be funny to bring it down to zero and see if I could still hurt anything".

Well, it doesn't GO to zero.. instead it loops back around, giving you an attack or defense value WAY higher than you can achieve normally, even at max level with the best gear - talking about one-shotting bosses and taking 1 damage from everything.

It's my favorite because one, it's gamebreakingly awesome, and two, i discovered it on my own.



If you tilt the cartridge for ocarina of time you can bypass the kokiri guy that peeps you from leaving the forest before finishing the deku tree. You can then use kokiri sticks in place of your sword as they're stronger anyway but breakable. If you manage to beat all 3 temples without getting the kokiri sword and then get the master sword, when you come back to being a kid again later the game will give you a nameless kokiri sword even though you never opened the chest for it.



Back pack reloading in halo 1. Magazine is empty, just double tap reload and switch your gun. Full mag when you switched back.



Back in the eighties my friend and I put something like 200 or 300 hours into a copy of "Ultima: Exodus" on NES. It's a punishingly difficult and tedious game by any standard, a PC-port that brought over a lot of tedium. Eventually something went wrong in our game and one of the characters in the party glitched out and was replaced by a completely random graphic cube with infinite stats on everything, a nonsense name that even broke the frame, and an infinite quantity of every single item in the game. It was completely amazing. We played the game so much that we broke it - which then allowed us to really break it.


Ritzblues Discord

Ditman glitch, Resident Evil 4, because GOTTAGOFAST

Also out-of-bounds shenanigans with that same glitch. I’ve never killed the Chapter 4 boss on Steam. I just float right past him.


Space Engineers, which recently left early access, did not have guns, explosives or weapons of any kind when it first was released to playtest. However, it did have gravity generators.

Someone discovered that rocks not only were affected by gravity generators, but also scaled their impact damage based on drop height, rock size and - most crucially - number of gravity generators affecting it. The first gravity cannons were made shortly after, capable of perforating multiple layers of heavy armor.

Then someone stuck a landing gear on a rock, and you had player-designed torpedos. Warheads were introduced and made things even crazier. Someone else realized the gravity cannons were affecting their parent ships so long as they were attached to a rock, and suddenly you had gravity drives.

The kicker? Eventually the devs gave up and added a block that did this on purpose, because the things players were making were too cool.


Not a glitch by the devs, but there is a mod for Skyrim called Sit Anywhere. It has an usual bug when using another mod called ASIS in which everytime you sit, a smaller scaled cow spawns nearby.

It's my favorite because it is probably the most unusual, seemingly random bug I've ever witnessed. Like how do those two files even create such a glitch to begin with?



There was a weird bug in Halo 2 where you could cancel a sword lunge and still have some acceleration. This led to me and my buddies standing on each other's heads where the top man would jump and the bottom guy would sword lunge/cancel over and over again. You could do this against a wall and slowly start climbing up defying all laws of physics. We would spend hours trying to glitch out of maps doing this. Nothing was worse than being nearly to the top when you do the button combo wrong and stab the top guy.

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