What was the Longest Gaming Session You Ever Had? What Kept You Going?

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The Question

What was the longest gaming session you ever had? What kept you going?

I remember ridiculously long games of Sins of a Solar Empire. Even tiny maps could take 8+ hours. It just felt so epic. Past a certain tipping point in the game it felt kind of like a tedious cleanup. But it was still so satisfying to dismantle everyone you'd spent hours trying to beat.

The Best Answers

Discordanian – Discord

Longest session has to be a session of Civilization. It was new out and I recall the 'just one more turn' that ate an entire weekend starting Friday night and ending mid day Sunday. That game was so addictive.  You always felt you were a turn or two away from some big city project somewhere.

Doonytargaryen – Reddit

14 hours - Skyrim first came out. By the end my melee finger was twitching when I saw a spider in real life

HumanDrawer – Reddit

about nine hours, wanted to get the platinum trophy (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Omg-A-turkey-Sammie - Reddit

When I first got BOTW I played it for like 12 or 13 hours straight.

I was having a damn good time.

GrandGorilla - Reddit

Probably 14-16 hours or so, was in a lan-party. So no time for sleep

fll0ydd – Reddit

3 whole days. Just hit masters on overwatch and didnt want to stop because i went thru a bad fight and shit hit the roof. DCs and wifi disconnects just made me angrier and more focused on winning the shit game and i was just bent on winning. now that i look back on it i find it really stupid


Ben_burnes – Twitter

I remember playing all of Guacamelee in one sitting. Took pretty much all day. it's a fun game, I felt like some of the fights were difficult, I remember getting pretty frustrated bear the end of the game but I was also probably very tired too


Sir_Sylar_the_Sixth – Reddit

9hours of sc2 when it came out. When my friends and me started WoW we grinded to max lvl for 2 days... Only taking a few hours off to rest our eyes and sleep... We were so exited we couldn't stop playing


DrinkTheWindEx – Reddit

Once played 26 straight hours during a summer holiday. Was playing ark and wanted to finish one more thing..... before realizing there was one more thing I could finish after that. It was fun, I had a good sleep that night


SulFurMen – Reddit

Like 20h of good old Minecraft back in the days.


MacheteDont – Reddit

In terms of hours, somewhere around 12-14 hours when I got a pirated copy of GTA San Andreas from someone in the family one Christmas holiday, installed it and played the crap out of it for the next following months, but the first day was the most intense. (I enjoyed the game a lot, so now I kinda feel a bit bad that I never paid for it)

In terms of playing a single game for months without switching to ANY other games in between, probably Fallout 4 just short of a year. In the end I was basically just pimping my settlements with details/mods and whatnot until it became so slow it basically crashed whenever I entered the settlement. (Gotta love that 'drop weapons–store–repeat' glitch for bigger settlement sizes though)


Metagloria – Reddit

Final Fantasy XIII, a game that's not even one of my favorite Final Fantasies. It just happened to be the one that came out at a time in life when I was single and had nothing going on outside of work, so I came home Friday, turned it on at 4:30pm, and played until midnight the next day - 31 and a half hours straight. Around 7AM, I was getting worn out, but I finally got my first Trapezohedron drop from an Adamantoise and that perked me back up.


Coinstamp180 – Discord

The two longest natural ones were a Stardew Valley session or a World of Warcraft session that terminated into a 4 hour raid. Both ended up being around 10 hours. In the case of Stardew Valley, it's easy to get sucked into a set of resource management tasks, especially if all they require is some tedium. In the case of the long MMO session, I happened to be grinding for a particularly long period of time (consumables were dead out and I was out of gold, I think) and by the time I finished getting materials ready... it was time to raid.

For Stardew Valley, it was just a matter of being utterly relaxed and at home with myself. For the MMO session, other people depended on me being prepared. Those other people also kept me energized during the 4 hour period of actual raiding.


Nyxloa – Reddit

About 18 hours. My brother let me play Dragon Age on his xbox while he was at a friend's house, and I remember that night my dad opened the door to say goodnight and then, what seemed like just an hour later, he opened the door to say good morning before he went to work. It was my first time playing any game with any sort of story and my first experience with rpgs and I just got sucked right in.


Stuey – Reddit

Not really proud of this one, but... Launch day for WoW: Cataclysm.

Played for 30 hours straight, only stopping when I hit the new max level (85 I think). The game was a hot mess by the end, with the intended quest line having broken and me getting the last bits of exp from killng monsters and harvesting minerals and herbs.


Therenaarena – Reddit

When Halo 2 first came out, I spent 10 hours with my brother to beat the campaign and then an additional 4 hours play co-op online. We finally stopped when he fell asleep in the middle of a match.

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