What Game is Extremely Underrated?

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The Question

What game is extremely underrated?

I'd go with Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom for the GameCube. Buuuut maybe that's just because I was 12 at the time. I remember it being a weird mix of real time strategy and RPG elements that came together to be really fun. AND IT CAME WITH PHYSICAL YU-GI-OH! CARDS! Looking at reviews now, it looks like I might be the only one who liked it.

The Best Answers

Warlock_6 - Reddit

Titanfall 2 because EA decided to release it while battlefield and CoD was being released. TF|2 was better than both

Idontgrammartoogood - Reddit

Hidden in Plain Sight. Its an amazing game on xbox 360 and steam. Its meant to be played with 4 people in the same room with controllers. Its so much fucking fun and so simple. Also can make a ton of drinking games from it, has no learning curve, and is cheap as fuck.

Delicious-Hot-Dog - Reddit

You wanna talk underrated games? Ha, then you gotta throw Checkers in the mix. Everyone's always sleepin' on Checkers (Yeah and maybe the Brits call it Draughts or whatever), but check this out, and feel free ta disagree, but uhh haha, I think I'm about to make some pretty valid points here, so good luck with that. Checkers is easy ta learn, easy ta play, easy ta win, and easy ta master. Ya ever seen two bonafide Checkers Masters go coin to coin? It'll blow your undies clean off if you don't cream them first. Listen ta this bucko, "King Me", ever heard that before? Yeah, Checkers is pretty important to how we talk and interact as an advanced society. You gonna seriously tell me that you're going to turn down a good old fashioned game of Checkers with a kind old man at the park who's wife died over six years ago and his children and grandchildren hardly ever visit him and one of the few simple pleasures he gets in life is when a kind stranger takes up his challenge to a game of checkers and he just mercilessly whoops the fucking shit right out of your ass? You're gonna sit there and tell me Checkers ain't the best game you got? Fuck bucko, you can make a game of Checkers out scraps of paper and a permanent marker. If you don't like Checkers then you can go get fucked.

JiN88reddit - Reddit

Suikoden 2.

It was released at the same time as FF7. FF7 was a massive success due to it's graphics and massive world. Suikoden 2 did all that with less data but was seen as a cheap sequel to the 1st one (which was also a success). In reality, 1-2 were one of the same in terms of story so it makes sense the graphics and gameplay should be the same.

Mobileisinferior - Reddit

Captain toad treasure tracker

Stillghoti - Reddit

Ghost Trick is a fun and charming puzzle game that about 12 people have played. It’s by the people who made Ace Attorney, too!

Certal - Reddit

Europa Universalis 4. Makes the Civ franchise look like a kid's game.

RedShirtDecoy - Reddit


Its a city builder where you have to build up a thriving town while starting with 8-12 citizens, very little food, and very little supplies. The amount you start with is based on the difficulty you choose before the game.

The game is only about building the town and having your citizens survive the elements. There is no military or attacks from other towns to worry about/manage.

While no where near skyrim level support the game does have a decent modding community with mods that add a ton of depth and can make the game super easy or more challenging depending on the mods you choose.

fake_philosopher - Reddit

Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap

I hardly ever see zelda fans talking about this game. It's by far the best zelda, and also the best game ever created.

Taterdude - Reddit

The Megaman Battle Network series.

I played these games so much as a kid and I love them to death still. The stories were cheesy, they have some really good sprite work, the battle system is so unique I don't think I've ever seen another game replicate it, and the music is some of the best you'll ever hear on the GBA.

And come on Nintendo, only 2 spirits of it in Smash Bros?

KB310 - Reddit

'Prey' (2017) has been the most underrated game in recent memory for me. It was my definite GOTY. It has an 82 on metacritic, sure, but it seems like so few people have actually played it. Anyone who is a fan of BioShock needs to play this game. Amazing atmosphere and level design. Tons of replayability given that how you build your character can completely change how you progress through the levels. My xbox is at the point where I have to delete games to install anything new, but I'm never uninstalling Prey.

Raistlinseyes - Reddit

I always thought dead or alive 3 was one of the best fighting games of all time. There was a perfect rock/paper/scissors thing of strike/grab/counter that when you combined it with going high/middle/low made for a simple to learn, terribly complex to master fight. It was also gorgeous graphics wise and so damn responsive. I still remember in middle school when I first played it, and my friend and I played it for years up until only two or so years ago when the old Xbox 360 (with backward compatibility) died. We could go for fifty match streaks of being tied match wise and we got into such a flow that it became more about who could get into whose head psychologically. Arguably the most fun times I've ever had with a video game.

ActuaIButT - Reddit

Vagrant Story for PS1. It doesn't get mentioned nearly enough. If you like the Souls series, this might be in your wheelhouse. Very challenging, a sweet combo system that demands your attention with every move and choice you make. One of Squaresoft's best.

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone for PS2 (I think it was on PC too). A sweet little action-RPG based on D&D lore with great voice acting (Patrick Stewart!) and a cool story.

SundownKid - Reddit

Ryse: Son of Rome (metascore 61, I'd give it an 80), God Hand (metascore 73, I'd give it 85), Baten Kaitos Origins (metascore 75, I'd give it a 95)

NuHPgn - Reddit

Shadow Warrior 2: for fans of that genre (looter shooter) at least as good as Borderlands 2, even better imho because of the crafting/component system

SenoraPapaya - Reddit

The Seihou Project. It’s extremely obscure and it’s unlikely any of you heard of it. It’s a series of bullet hells that were released in the early 2000s and haven’t been sold since (unless you want to drop 1000 on an auction).

There are 3 games: Shuusou Gyoku, Kioh Gyoku, and Banshiryuu. SG is a fairly simple but quite fun Shoot em up, and it’s great extra stage features a cameo from the Touhou main characters. KG is a versus shooter (compare with Twinkle Star Sprites and Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream). It’s quite fun, especially if you can exploit the AI. There’s also netplay but I don’t know how that works. BSR is a much harder version of Shuusou Gyoku, with a lot of focus on using bombs, reflexes, and memorization. It comes in two versions, the original (C67 version) is better but the rerelease (C74 Version) has a great boss rush stage.

The gameplay is top notch, the music is wonderful (composed by the same person who made the Touhou songs for the first two ), the characters are all memorable and it’s a solid choice if you like shoot em up games.

Obviously you probably won’t buy the games, but you can easily search for a download.

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