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Developer: Somber Dawn Studios
Release Date: July 20, 2017
Planned Platforms: PC
Potential Platforms: Linux, Mac, Xbox, Playstation
Price: $4.99 USD

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Steam Page: Intrusion Protocol

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Intrusion Protocol is a classic challenging retro 2-D platformer. Play as a computer virus tasked with infiltrating an enemy network to retrieve mission-critical data. As you find the data you will uncover a story that reveals the secrets of your mysterious purpose. Your only health bar is the clock, and the enemy defenses will quickly drain your precious time. Will you be able to overcome the defenses and access the data? Or will you find yourself out of time? Be quick. Be careful.

This game is currently in development and on Steam Greenlight.



We want this experience to be a tough one. Players will crash and burn countless times until they figure out how to reach the end of each level in time. Though the game will bring players seemingly endless death, Intrusion Protocol is designed from the ground up to give the player the drive to keep going until they reach the data. If you think you have what it takes, show our unforgiving levels who's boss!


The levels in Intrusion Protocol are certainly designed to provide a challenge. Moving enemies will quickly drain your time, and stationary obstacles will immediately send you back to your last checkpoint. Though it will be difficult for the average gamer, there are tricks and specific timings that will allow the true masters of the game to speedrun with blazing fast times.


Everything in Intrusion Protocol is designed to keep the player moving while not overloading the senses. The environment itself is in constant motion. The tail is only active when moving, and allows players to savor moments when they hit that perfect arc. These constant motion visuals immerse the player, and give them the drive to keep moving forward.


We’re excited about the bells and whistles we are putting in the game, but those mean nothing without a solid foundation. The controls of Intrusion Protocol are designed with the gamepad in mind and focus on closely connecting the player to their gaming experience. We have created a simple, tight, responsive system to make the player feel like they are in complete control. Considering the intense difficulty, it is crucial that the game has solid controls so the player doesn't feel like faulty mechanics were the reason for their (many) deaths.


Why were you created? What is your destiny? Answers to these questions will unfold as the player completes levels. At the end of each level the player will see dialogue between two of the creators of Intrusion Protocol. Hearing this discussion will shed light on the programs purpose. Each stage will also unlock the recovered data, enabling the player to delve deeper into the mysteries of Intrusion Protocol.


about the company

Somber Dawn Studios is an indie game development company operating out of St. Louis and the southeast Missouri area. The name originated when two of the team members realized they were not satisfied with what they were doing with their lives. They did not want to be following their current careers forever. This realization dawning on them gave them an uneasy and somber feeling, hence Somber Dawn was born. They decided that instead of living with that negative feeling they wanted to do something about it. They wanted to become creators of their lifelong shared hobby: Gaming.

Blog post about the company's origin.


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