Prismino Press Kit


basic info

Developer: Somber Dawn Studios
Release Date: 2018
Planned Platforms: PC
Potential Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: TBA

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About the game

Prismino is a tile matching puzzle game. The player must match four matching blocks into a square to activate them. When the timer runs out, all activated blocks are cleared, and any remaining blocks fall into place. The game is currently in development.


Shifting Themes

Each time a player clears a certain amount of blocks, a new level is reached. Each level has different block style, background, and music.

Special Blocks


When activated, bomb blocks also activate any adjacent same-color blocks. Those blocks then continue to activate same-color blocks in a chain reaction.

Wild Cards

Wild card blocks count as any color.

Row and Column Clears

When activated, these blocks clear the entire row or column they are on.

about the company

Somber Dawn Studios is an indie game development company operating out of St. Louis and the southeast Missouri area. The name originated when two of the team members realized they were not satisfied with what they were doing with their lives. They did not want to be following their current careers forever. This realization dawning on them gave them an uneasy and somber feeling, hence Somber Dawn was born. They decided that instead of living with that negative feeling they wanted to do something about it. They wanted to become creators of their lifelong shared hobby: Gaming. The studio released Intrusion Protocol July 20th, 2017.

Blog post about the company's origin.


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